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Gilbert Herdt, PHD

Gilbert Herdt, Ph.D. is Director and Professor of Human Sexuality Studies Program and Professor of Anthropology at San Francisco State University. He is also founder of an interdisciplinary institute, Institute on Sexuality, Inequality and Health and Director of National Sexuality Resource Center at San Francisco State University. He has served on more than 10 international committees or agencies, 8 major national committees and academic committees (NIMH, SSRC), and approximately 15 departmental and university-wide committees at 4 American universities.

Dr. Herdt's is the recipient of various awards and research grants, including William Simon Henry Guggenheim Memorial Fellowship and Pre-doctoral Fulbright Scholarship to Australia. Dr. Herdt's research has been supported by the National Institute of Mental Health, Ford Foundation, Spencer Foundation and Rockefeller Foundation. He is a fellow of American Anthropological Association, International Academy of Sex Research, and Royal Anthropological Institute (UK).

Dr. Herdt's current works include "Sexual Inequalities: Subjectivities, Agency and Social Change" and Sexual Inequality, Youth Empowerment, and the GSA: A Community Study in California.

Dr. Herdt is a general editor of Worlds of Desire, and an associate editor of Journal of Culture, Sexuality, and Health; Journal of Men and Masculinities; and Transaction: Journal of Social Science and Modern Society.

Dr. Herdt has authored 7 books and published more than 45 journal articles. His book Guardians of the Flutes is now in its third edition, and his recent publications include: Sambia Sexual Culture: Essays From the Field, Something to Tell You: The Road Families Travel With a Gay Child (translated into Portuguese and Spanish), and Same Sex, Different Cultures (translated into Japanese). His new book, Secrecy and Cultural Reality will be published in 2003.

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